Extreme Printmaking

Don’t know why it is, but people like to go big. Guess I’m no exception. My Yukon print-maker colleague and friend Joyce Majiski invited myself and 19 others to each create their own 48″ x 40″ (121.92 x 101.6 cm) woodcut to be printed with a steamroller (compactor) driven back and forth over the inked up block. The event took place on the 9th of August, 2013 in Whitehorse Shipyards Park next to the Yukon River.

This is my effort with everyone pitching to help get the first impression.

Regarding my design I decided to make a small wood engraving huge by blowing up a detail onto this large format woodblock. We all used good-one-side half inch birch plywood. Unfortunately it wasn’t the highest grade and had to deal with a lot of de-lamination of the top veneer. Lots of repairs were required.

Here’s a bit of the actual cutting of the block;

In any event I was very pleased with the resulting print. We were allowed only two printings each. Now I have to figure out how to pull a small edition. I guess doing it by hand isn’t exactly feasible.


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